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How this site was created


Publishing a site using an SSG from GitHub Actions

After using Wordpress for several years (on-off), I decided to move to SSG (Static Site Generator) I come to love markdown, and the ability to write my posts from VS Code directly.

So, here I will just give a high level overwiew of what takes to create a simple site using SSG.

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How To Extract a Certificate From a HTTPS Call


Export a Server Certificate Using .NET Core

Sometimes you want to programmatically extract / export the server certificates in a HTTPS call.
Well, it’s pretty simple. See below a C# working example for .NET Core

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Home Server with Ubuntu and a Streaming Device

Installing Ubuntu and Tranmission in a Minix Neo Z64-W

Got a Minix Neo Z64-W from a friend, it comes with Windows, and runs pretty sluggish My old XtreamerTV device managed to burn two internal 2.5” hard drives (this is another story) So, project at hand:

  • Install Ubuntu Server on the Minix Neo Z64-W
  • Configure a few critical services:
    • SSH
    • Samba (to access content in the local network, upnp is better, but VLC cannot get subtitles using upnp)
    • duf (just because)
  • Mount external USB disk, and make sure it’s mounted after restart
  • Install Transmission
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Powershell: Delete all local branches except master

use carefully

Assuming your local git repo is on master, you can delete all local branches except master using this one-line powershell script:

git branch | foreach { $_.split( "`n" ) } | foreach { if ($_ -ne '* master' ) { git branch -D $_.replace(' ', '') } }
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